Who am I?

Hello and welcome!

I am an Italian architect who graduated at University of Camerino with summa cum laude, moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to have working experience and decided to stay.
Not because of a man.

After gathering experience at Tom Bergevoet Architect, SeArch and Arons en Gelauff Architecten (all based in Amsterdam), I started my own company focusing on interior design and targeting my work towards the expat community.

I have designed houses for Spanish, French, Swiss, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian expats.
Each time has been amazing to get to know culture and taste of these young professionals, who bravely left everything behind and decided to start all over again in a foreign country.

Buying a house in the Netherlands is an investment and the prospect of reselling in few years is very probable. Some clients ask  to update kitchens and bathrooms or to change lay-out to create an extra room. Others ask help to arrange furniture and later to shop for the perfect piece.

In my work I cross every sort of disciplines. I use photography, art, fashion, animations and personal items of my clients as inspiration. I am not just selecting items but I design your home as a whole entity. I believe that custom solutions allows you to get the most out of your place.

The most efficient way to create a custom solution is Ikea-hacking. After realizing two design, I am now carrying out the third using the new closet system Ikea Platsa.

I design using 3D models and impressions, which are useful for the customer but also for the contractor to understand the final result.

For each assignment I provide several options to explore every possibility.

I create flexible solutions, re-use furniture that have a personal value to my client and since I love to cook and organize, Marie Kondo's style, I am able to design functional kitchens where it is easy to prepare meals and keep everything in check.

Furthermore I am currently integrating my designs with Philip Hue system.

Ik spreek ook Nederlands.
Habló también Español.
Je parle un petit peu de Français.
Ovviamente parlo Italiano.