Early dew and marble_UPDATE

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Welcome home! The tiles chosen are medium size with marble pattern from Marazzi. Fresh and cold surface where to take off your shoes and wear comfy slippers.
Behind the door the queen of the house, a gray British short hair called Susie. She wants to welcome you :)

On the left the refreshing white painted staircase.

In the living room the sofa faces the large window. Behind the light curtain a terrace on the west side, always sunny in the summer evenings. Further access to a canal and space for parking a boat. 

The table faces the Early Dew by Flexa wall.
The warmth of the table and chairs balance the cold tone of the wall.
Behind the door Ginger is waiting to get in. He also wants to say hi. 

The kitchen has not been renovated. It could be painted in a dark color to make a statement. With the white washed floor the house has become very bright. 

A vertical garden on the short wall of the storage. 

Here are Susie and Ginger. The dark shy cat in the dark and the lighter friendly one in the light. 

All the pictures were taken and adjusted by me.
Sofa, table and TV position were arranged by me. 
Kitchen decorations were arranged by me.