Living coral, color of the year 2019.

I recently read in the news about Living Coral and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy of this shade. 

Also it looks kind of familiar to me, probably because I have already used that shade for my very first work of interior design. 

The renovation of my family kitchen. A work i prepared for about 10 years and ultimately the reason why i decided to embark in the journey of becoming a designer.

That work was completed in the year 2010 and i still remember the skepticism of my family members and relatives. Which color is that? Something between pink and orange? Salmon? Isn't it too bright? Isn't too much? Will we get bored of it? 

With time the color intensity subdued. We didn't get bored of it. I like it more and more. It added more value to the house and it turned the kitchenette into the focal point of the apartment, which is ultimately the function of a kitchen in an Italian household. 

I am always baffled to realise that every single apartment i visited in Italy designed in the late '70s / beginning of the '80s has a kitchenette where only a person at the time can access. Quite a contradictory design statement. The preparation and consumption of meals is the core of the family life. 

Here the star is our beloved cat Tao, who died a couple of years ago. He has been a very important family member, he gave us so much love. He was a Siamese cat with orange spots and wonderful blue eyes.