Textile pattern with Grasshopper

Since I live here in the Netherlands I noticed how fond Dutch people are of patterns for textile products.

At the beginning I was skeptical and I found them ridiculous, but after some months I was already into this fashion and I chose my favorite one: polka dots.  

I start buying clothes and accessories from Hema: all black with small white polka dots. 

The best garment with polka dots to me would be: a black skirt with small white dots, made of a light fabric and many small smooth folds in such a way it could move while walking. 

After three years living here I am still buying this pattern but I also notice that every year there are a thousand more coming out. 

Why are patterns so cool?

They make you curious. From very far they just look like an half tone color, only when you observe them from very close you can notice the geometrical order.

They can communicate a story. Every element of the pattern could be an element of a series of images (different animals, different fruits, different geometrical shapes and so forth). They could be a small catalog on your shirt. 

For sure there should be color contrast between the elements and the background and rotation in each element could add some more dynamic.

I wanted to create my own pattern, so i started using Grasshopper.
I have a ribbon of modifications on the right which allows me to change size and proportion of triangles and circles. 

I applied colors with Illustrator and I applied the texture on the white t-shirt of the model with Photoshop.