Bachelor flat in A'dam

This is a proposal for the refurbishment of a two-rooms flat in the west of Amsterdam. 
I have visited the place only once, but thanks to Google maps and my visual memory, I was able to 3Dmodel it accurately.

The tenant is a single professional expat with a cat.

I focused my attention on the living room, because I realized that that was the room with more potential.
I looked for a style that could be suitable for the owner and I found this:

I used some of the pieces in this style board.
The bedside table, the working lamp, the glass-door cabinet and the alarm. 

The wooden table with chairs and the reading chair were already there. I decided to place them next to the window in order to benefit from the south-side lighting. Also the reading chair can be used by the cat while the owner is not home. 

For the sofa I chose something more contemporary and practical in gray, because requires less effort to keep it clean. Also I thought it was necessary to have a sofa bed, because the space is big enough and the possibility to host friends coming to visit is very high is this city. 

The bookshelf is meant to host a huge amount of big books and the tv appliances. It is composed by three elements made in natural pine wood. This piece is 1,71 cm high, therefore is suitable also for the cat to climb. 

All the furniture is detached by the walls in order to allow the cat to walk around. I followed this logic also in the sleeping room and I placed the bed with the headboard towards the window. 
During the summertime the hours of daylight are so much longer compared to the southern Europe, that is not possible to oversleep in the weekends. If the bed faces the center of the room, at least the rays of light don't wake you up.

The most important thing which was missing in the house were good curtains. Since no house has shutters in NL, it is good to have at least two layers of curtains. A dark heavy curtain to shade the sun and a light curtain to hide from the neighbors eyes. 
I place the tv area in the darker side of the room to prevent the light to reach the screen.
I placed a canvas next to the dining table, in order to enjoy the sight of art while eating and to allow the neighbors to sneak peek it. 

In the sleeping room I placed a painting from a Dutch artist: Chiel Van Zelst.  
The whole house has white walls and this cannot be changed, but the presence of such painting will bring at once bright colors and the dreamy Amsterdam canals. 

The 3 panes windows between sleeping room and living room would allow the painting to be seen from the living room.