Duolingo Dutch course completed

I am studying Dutch with Duolingo! 
This is a very fun way of learning a language because it looks like you are playing a computer game.

Two years ago I was using it to refresh my French and there was no Dutch course at that time. 

A friend told me that they introduced a beta version for learning Dutch and immediately got hooked to it.
I begun it last october and I just fineshed the whole program last monday.

Before starting you should know a bit of the grammar because this course is based on exercises: translating both with writing and speaking, listening and writing, listening and repeating. 

I have started reading books in Dutch. I have read Vrouwen met een IQ by Herman Brusselmans, Onmacht by Charles Den Tex and now I am reading a collection of short stories taken from the Decameron by Boccaccio, Slimme vrouwen translated into Dutch by Frans Denissen.

Also i starded studying on a textbook and workbook to reach level A2. 

I am making progress, slowly but steady. This language is beginning to make sense to me.