Uncomfortable wisdom

Since I am facing a changing moment of my life, I thought to use this time to do something I should have done long time ago, but I had never had the guts to do.

One of my wisdom tooth was growing wrong and for a while i suffered for the pain. Despite the position, it even managed to grow out of the gum, just a little tiny piece. 

Lately I have aquired a new friend, a very nice and smart dentist from Spain, who moved to Amsterdam for work only last summer.

He invited me to come to his clinic to check out my teeth and after the x-rays his principal told me that, if i wanted, they could have extracted my tooth.

I didn't think twice and I accepted the offer. I had no idea how painful would have been but, since i am jobless at the moment, I would have plenty of time to recover afterwards. 

Before the operation I dreamt twice to lose all my teeth. I woke up, scared to death and i checked if my teeth were still in their place with the tongue. 

According to Freud this is one of those dream related to sex, but in my humble opinion it was a dream related to my current situation: jobless and single again. 

I lost two things in my life that were defining who I am to the eyes of the others, therefore in the dreams I am losing teeth, whom are part of the first impression one makes on people. 

Curious is that it happened for real two days later...weird coincidence.

I see what happened as the sign of new beginning...and New year's Eve is close enough.