Long time passed before I finally decided to write a new post.
2014 has been so far a wonderful year for my career and my personal growth, but it is coming to an end soon  and in a way that end already arrived.

On October 28th, Arons en Gelauff communicated me the decision to not renew my contract and the very same day also my 6-month-boyfriend broke up with me.

It was like been slapped in the face with both hands  and only now I am recovering from the shock.

So now it is time for a change!

At the moment I am busy updating my portfolio and in doing it I am recolleting all the memories related to each designs I helped developing. I had a great time, sometimes tense and stressed out, sometimes pleasently creative.

Once it will be ready, I will start applying for a new job not necessarly in Amsterdam or the Netherlands. I realized that I have spent enough time here and if the circumstances will bring me somewhere else, I will accept it.

On the other hand in the last 6 months I have been surrounded by positive, energetic people who are close to me in this difficult situation. Would be nice to stay here for them and give back my support.

Let's see where the chance will bring me!

Special thanks to my amazing flatmates Hegias and Carlos, my girlfriends Ilse, Ana, Marina, Valle, Claire, Natasja, my colleagues Clémentine, Simona.
Thanks to all the people that are making me smile! :)