Visualization on A&G website

At A&G I was involved on the production of impressions like this one. The porpouse of it is to suggest a peculiar atmosphere on the mind of those whom might decide to invest their money on the purchase of a water dwelling house in Amsterdam. 

Basically the design evokes a typical dutch house, narrow and very deep. Thus the necessity to have the facade totally glazed, in order to get light till the inner core of the house.

The 3d model was realized with revit and I exported into sketchup, where i applied again all the materials, using as reference the ones we have in our material samples library. 

I spent long time creating good materials, specially for the golden copper and the zink. I applied a reflection map, a bump map and a displacement. I create myself the bump/displacement maps, from a picture of a copper facade I found on the internet. 

Once the rendering was ready I retouched the picture on photoshop, balancing colors, adding people and vegetation. 
I took some of the people from the office library, but the girl on the first wharf is from the web. I spent quite a lot of time in order to find the right one. She is sitting on the sun, enjoying herself. The lighting is perfect and the summer colors can only suggest happiness.