A country for elderly people

In Italy, the Erasmus generation feels trapped. Who has been living abroad for a semester or two is looking forward to go abroad again. Why? Our country is so nice: good weather, good food, history etc... 

The reason is: Italy is a country for old people. 
Experience is the most important value. But world is changing too fast to still rely on this. More and more new skills are required from the job market and they aren't own by the old generations. 

For instance, in my field, many young architects started visualization and rendering companies to provide a service which is totally new.

I also tried to do this kind of job as a freelancer in Italy but I have always stumbled on a total lack of professionalism from the customer part.

All the times, at the beginning I was sought-after by construction companies to do visualizations and I received praises for my works.

Then I did the job and sometimes I had to ask more since they required me other changings we didn't agree before.

This request had always been denied and the reasons advanced were the following:

-the computer did the job,
-you didn't do so much,
-i don't think this is a good job,
- I could have find the same on the web and using it (ignoring there are laws on copyrights).

The last work i did in Italy.
They called me asking me for nice images to sell their wooden houses. 
They showed me what they had, a really howful rendering image made with archicad, that looked like an house from the sims. Also the design was been done by the architect that did the rendering. I have to admit that wasn't that bad.
They were looking for more contemporary houses images. And they stated to me all the info: size in square meters, maximum 1 floor, not too much contemporary, not visible wood (come on! it's a wooden house, for Christ sake!).
I respected all the list and i provide this rendering.

The design of the house it's my idea. 
I designed a two family house. The units are the same size but mirrored and slightly shifted. 
Each house has different rooftop, flat or one-pitched roof to host photovoltaic panels. 
I followed the suggestion to not show the wood, but i showed it where i believed it was nice to be seen: the wooden beams of the pitched roof and the pergola.
Each house has an underground level, to be used as storage and garage. 

I went to talk with the owner of the construction company and when he heard the price, we already discussed, he started to list the obvious excuses why I shouldn't get the money. 
He said he had to talk with the other colleague, that i should have been reasonable because it was just a collaboration. I would have seen the money once they would have got clients...that's it.

My image was done just with this purpose...attract people, but he couldn't understand it or, worse, he was trying to make me fall into the trap. 
He said that i should at least provide the elevations of the houses...are you kidding me? 
They called me to make me work for free and steal my design!

The most stupid things were:
-He asked me why I was going to work in the netherlands...my reply: I am paid!
-please, if you know about someone in the Netherlands, intended to build a wooden house, call us....count on it! 

For the record, I was never been paid!