EBA51...keeping us busy

Despite our enthousiasm and all the energy we invested in this design, we didn't win the competition but...

we don't want to give up on this idea!
So we are going to propose it somewhere else. 

In this phase I was asked to make a 1:200 maquette with white cardboard. It took me 4 days to finish the job and i must say I am very satisfied with it. 

Shots taken by Pam Asselbergs 

Nowadays a maquette it's not necessary at all to design. 3d softwares can be as well valid tool. But we missed the feeling you have holding a model in your hands. And also a maquette is  a materialized memory of creative process. 

I tried to do my best but of course there are many little imperfections. By the way I had fun to work without using the computer for once.

During this internship I realized how much is important to be able to detach from the software and use a pencil or a maquette to define an idea.

In most of the cases, the design is the result of a research process. Creating several proposals and compare them each other and then selecting the most convincing one.

Using the computer as a device of design instead I always had the feeling that the first attempt is already definitive. 

To speak the truth, my creative process is like this. When I am thinking about a design I have always a prototype in my mind which is quite indefinite but at the same time clear. 

It's the interaction with the other designers which allows to have a wide range of different options.