At Arons en Gelauff we are attenting a competition for student housing in containers.
A challenging task to place 400 containers into a plot of 11.000 square meters, on whom borders are 2 railways!
My colleague Matilde Archer followed all the developement of the design. She read all the briefing and she knew everything about it. Our principals Floor and Arnoud came out with the idea of making 5 bloks with an inner quiet court. Pam, the graphic designer, gave me suggestions about the interiors and she thought about a decoration which is idividual but at the same time collective. Printing on each curtain a piece of a huge picture, whom you can see impressed in the facade only being very far from it.
My task was designing the interiors. It was not easy at all, but Arnoud and Pam helped me a lot. We figured out that the only way to deal with a space so deep and narrow was to placed kitchen, toilet, bed and wardrobe in the middle of the container, in order to have enough space toward the windows. Each inner block will be prefabricated and placed into the container. The rest of the space can be customized by the student, applying wallpapar on the walls, bringing his own furniture or creating it!
They just need a bit of immagination and need to save money, riusing what people throw away.

Like I did here, in my room in Amsterdam.
The board of my desk is a door of a broken wardrobe which i didn't manage to fix. 
The legs are from Gamma. The total cost of the desk is only 11 euros.