A'dam...you again?

Here I am again. For other six months, trying to get the best of my self on work and social life. I spent only three weeks at home and I was looking forward to leave that place once again.

As soon as I arrived here, I had the feeling I was wrong to come back. A very funny misplacement feeling that made me so uncomfortable... The memory of being kicked out was still clear in my mind, I was a little worried about the result of the house hunting. My fourth one.
Never like this period of the year the prices are so high. Compared to February and May now prices raised about 100 euros.
I had to choose among 3 rooms for the same price but different sizes and locations. At the end I chose a room in the North. Apparently any expats wishes to live in this area, the barrier of the river Ij is not just a psychological one.
Despite being far from the city centre, I am very close to work and also with the public transportations I can get everywhere.
I am very satisfied with this house, the only weak point is that I don't have Internet at home. This is very bad because I planned to look for another part time job to do in the evenings or in the week ends but without Internet I don't know how to look for it. Also I need Internet to start looking for other jobs after this one. I can't expect to find something a month before this contract will end. I should look for something as soon as possible. Also the idea of a temporary job would be helpful because it might become a full time job when a vacancy on my first desired employment would be too long.
One thing I can do is contacting the company which is cleaning the architecture office where I am working for, asking if they might need someone to work for at least 10 hours per week. That's how much I'm ready to work for.
My second job could be anything. I don't have any preferences, but I would like it would be something fun and relaxing.
I don't know why but working in the office make me so tired in the evenings. At home in Italy I used to work more than 16 hours per day and I was never tired. Probably it was just I was doing something on my own or in which I was very involved.
Still working in a office seems not fitting me very well. Nobody is perfect but with me there's something wrong when I work with many people. I am not used to it because I just had a single partner to discuss about projects.
Is this a sing I should open my own practice very soon? Or should I give up?
There is no shame in giving up, probably I can find an employment which is unexpectedly exciting, who knows?
Looking for a job is never easy but there is something in this process which is very intriguing to me. For a moment of your life all the chances are open. You never know what the job hunting will bring to you. And it's never just a matter of talent. Talent is not everything. It' s much more a matter of luck. Being in the right spot at the right moment. I hope I will find my way soon or later.