SeARCH_ing my way

Last year, before Christmas, I received a really nice present through the e-mail. The Bureau manager of SeARCH, wrote me they were going to hire me as an intern for six months. Nothing could have make me more happy. Been paid to do what I like and also receiving a Leonardo's grant! I was dreaming months of  fun...
Everything was super perfect, too much.

When I finally arrived to Holland I stumbled in a series of misfortunes so long that i filled up 7 pages of my Moleskine! Listing this kind of bad thoughts didn't help at all, it just made them bigger and heavier.
So I'm not going to list them here...again. Just the bigger one: being kicked off of my rented room, without anywhere to go but a hostel.
A misfortune after another, I understood that there was something wrong with me. My reactions were always over the edge, I dare to say melodramatic ones. 
All these pains I was carrying in my hearth affected my skills at work and also my social connections became fewer and fewer. I was sad and, worse of all, complaining all the time. Of course nobody enjoyed the company of a sad girl like I was at that time.
Despite the big pain of being kicked off I got a super fantastic support by people I know in the city. A girl, which was studing at Unicam as me, offered me a place to stay for a week and then Claire let me live in her place for two months and an half.
I was moving from a single room, into the house of that mad woman, to a 50-square-meters flat with a kitchen and a bathroom just for me. Very lucky changing for me but not that much for my emotional stability, I guess. The very first time alone in that flat was horrible because I couldn't speak with anybody and I had many thoughts that didn't allow me to sleep in the night. The point wasn't to get at least the deposit back, it was just that I needed to give vent to my feelings whom I couldn't bear anymore inside.
Then I became paranoid. Anytime i was listening people speaking in Dutch at the office I was sure they were speaking badly upon me. All these bad feelings led me to fail in a project and the boss told me I wasn't good enough to work in his office.
I was thinking to give up and go home but luckily I met a girl that introduced me to lot of people and my social life improved. Improving my social life made me feel so good that I was able to improve my social relations also in the office and I had to say my last three months at SeARCH were very good! I developed so much my skills, especially in detailing drawings. I never deepened this topic at the university because anytime I had doubts about a detail most of my teachers at UNICAM told me to copy from specialized magazine, like Detail or The Plan. If it is just a matter of copying it's a boring task, i was thinking.
In the office i was involved into the technical drawings detaling from 1:50 to 1:5 about the new house of one of my bosses in Zeeburger Eiland and I enjoyed doing it. Also I improved very much my autocad skills learning how to use xrefs and blocks. Especially xrefs are very usefull when many people are working at the same project. One of my last tasks was to collect all the window frames of a huge complex about the office was working for long time. There were almost one hundred different frames. All of them should be made in the same way, but of course there were many differences due to different people working on them and also to different decision about the type and dimensions of each frame.
I was involved in two project directly by the principals so i had the chance to learn about their method on designing. Money is an important factor during the design process. I never felt this was so much important working in Italy, specially because the customers of Studio Thot were rich. Money makes a lot of difference.  For sure few money to spend makes architecture simpler but not less interesting.