Back to A'dam

I got to know I won the Leonardo "Green skills in motion_ECOMOTION" grant. I will use it to come back to A'dam and have another internship there. 
I will arrive at the end of February and just at the beginning of March there will be a exhibition at ARCAM about projects of the last Europan 11, to whom I took part with Temp.architecture urbanism. We ranked among the best eight project for Amstel III area and our work will be in the exhibition. 
I've never believed in fate but this coincidence was surprising! 
This makes me think about last year when I had come alone to Holland to have a couple of interviews and by chance I met a really nice girl on the Thalys train from Bruxelles to Rotterdam. 
We talked for the whole ride and only when I was going to get off we told each other our names and we exchanged our contacts. Claire, a French girl, was going to A'dam because she was living there and was extremely kind to me since I decided to spent the three-month-grant of Erasmus Placement in A'dam instead of R'dam. 
I took the decision only looking at this sings I got from destiny and I think I did it right. 
During the three months I spent in A'dam I had the chance to come back to Rotterdam and I didn't like that city at all. That city was extremely beautiful and new but there was something missing.