photoshop broke down? take it with philosophy

Yesterday night I went to bed really late: at 3:00 a.m. I was making an impression for the master degree thesis with photoshop. I had been working on it for hours and, while I was choosing a filter, giving many different trying, Photoshop stopped to work. The worst was thinking I had never saved that work! Very disappointed I decided to switch off my notebook and to go finally to bed. When I closed my eyes, I soon fell asleep and began dreaming. 
I had one of the most surprising dream in my all life. 

I was living in a nice neighborhood: a few single houses with gardens and vegetable gardens. There was a kind of problem among the inhabitants, but I can't exactly recall it. A woman invited me in her house, she was speaking a weird Italian to me, but I couldn't say which accent she had. I was following her, we crossed her vegetable garden. There were many small greenhouses, so I asked her what she was growing into them. She replied to be careful and not to step on the flowers. I took a close look at a greenhouse: it was made by many steel arches covered by a translucent white plastic. Inside, the flowers were yellow and tall as the greenhouse.
Finally we arrived at the house and she wanted to offer me something to drink, so we went to the kitchen. There, I met her husband and I noticed he was a Chinese guy. Then I understood where the woman's weird Italian accent came from. She was Chinese too! But I couldn't say from her appearance.
The kitchen was fully covered with small blu tiles. Just a few of them were white and they were moulded into numbers, from 1 to 10. Above each numbers there were hooks and only a few of them were holding rags.
The row of white numbers were just under the threshold  of the window. They were speaking to me and I was nodding, without listening them and wondering why they had 10 numbered hooks in the kitchen.