this is not architecture

this rendering is a work I made for a building firm in Italy. colors and materials were suggested by that firm. they claim people would have like and buy this kind of constructions. even though people buy the last I-phone or the thinnest television or the most ecological car, they still want this look-like-fake houses. 

after a while I was working on it, I had the idea to surround the building with Naples' rubbish, washing hung on fences, cracks on the walls due to the earthquake, black spots on walls due to humidity, graffiti saying "Down with Milan", a corpse on the steps and two hookers on the edge of the road. even though the scene looks like an horror movie, after finishing it, I thought it was more interesting than the first rendering I made. 

I had showed these works to people in the architectural firm in which I worked for three months in Amsterdam. My boss was wondering if, something like the horror movie scene, may come true. it may be. the only thing I'm sure of is that this kind of house has more chance to be built than contemporary architecture in Italy, isn't it a pity?