solitary man's house

"The advice from all the thinkers is that redemption comes not from others but from within the individual. And, to find strength from within, it is necessary to spend time alone" (The age of Absurdity_ Micheal Foley). My aim was to create an architectural space in which you could experience your own self, detached from the world. The "virtual" owner of this house is Ricardo, a dear friend I met in Dublin.

I read an essay written by Adolf Behne, who is a critic of architecture lived in the early '900. He talks about the architect who have to create an architecture for a lonely person. He called him Functionalist, because he doesn't care about the shape of the building. The only important thing is caring about the function, he creates functionality. Behne said that the lonely people like nature, so its buildings have to be similar to the nature. Now I know where the house could be placed.

living room. the basic needs are in the ground floor: eating, cooking, bathroom and a couch

first floor: sleeping, dressing, sunbathe and of course making love to the partner, which doesn't live in this house.

Second floor: growing your vegetable garden, in the greenhouse and in the terrace.

 Third floor: studio, here you can grow your spirit, spending time thinking alone or reading books.