the story of my portable garden

During my studies at Unicam, I had the chance to take part to the "happening" called "portable gardens". The idea came to the crazy mind of my teacher Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, while he was giving the class of Landscape Design. Every student took a plastic bag and filled it with all the plants he or she liked. I chose:

  • chives;
  • mint;
  • thyme;
  • curly parsley;
  • carnation.

Among the students of the class we organized an happening in the main square of Ascoli Piceno: Piazza del Popolo. We were just few students and so there were few portable gardens. However the citizens appeared to be really interested at these bags filled with flowers and plants; they also asked for the prices! Some citizens asked for the meaning of this happening, especially because we had put a label with a quote on them.
I quoted Guy Debord, because I was reading his masterpiece: Society of Spectacle, suggested by Toraldo. Every students quoted or wrote something it was important to them.

Then the teacher, with the collaboration of other teachers, involved many other students of the School to join the happening he planned in Recanati. We walked carrying our portable garden, from the main square of Recanati toward Giacomo Leopardi's house, the most famous poet from Marche. 

The story of my portable garden didn't finish with the happening. I kept growing my plants in the bag on the balcony of my room. I used to put some water in the morning and to spend time just staring at it and looking for changings. 

Growing plants on my balcony allowed me (and my partner) to dress pasta with fresh chives and curly parsley. There's nothing better than it.